Sunday, 14 June 2015

Chanel Cils Scintillants Mascara - Jazzy Blue

Hello summer, hello electric blue mascara. 

Now is the time to rock those vibrant colours you wish you could all year round. Chanel's new Jazzy Blue mascara from their Blue Collection is no shrinking violet, its bright, glittery and packs a punch of pigment even when applied over your regular black mascara, which is how I prefer to wear it. 
My lashes are extremely light so I can look quite squinty without that extra definition on the lash line. 

This mascara is summer on a stick in my opinion, it can be subtle enough to wear every day or those blessed with naturally defined lashes could really go full whack with this for that full on disco lash effect. 

My preferred method of application is over a regular black mascara for a subtle twinkle to the ends of my lashes and it really sparkles in the right light. I pair it with a neutral lid and a blotted coral lip and cheek for an effortless summer look. 

This Mascara is limited edition so get it quick if it tickles your fancy. 

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Gem x

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  1. Wow this is so cool! Your eyes are beautiful!