Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review: Neutrogena Hydra Boost

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I was so excited when I saw Neutrogena were releasing a Hydrating range, boasted to beat some of the higher end skincare products out there, I just had to give it a go. I have combination skin prone to dehydration so this range sounded perfect for me, lightweight, water based, moisturising etc...perfect! If you have read previous skincare posts of mine you will know Neutrogena is one of my favourite drugstore skincare brands so I had high hopes for this range. I decided to try the Hydro Boost Gel with SPF and the Night Concentrate.

I'll start with the Hydro Boost Gel. I have been using this in place of my regular serum and I'll say I haven't minded it. It sinks into the skin quickly and has enough slip in it that a small pump will do your entire face. It does have that slightly tacky finish due to the Hyaluronic Acid content but if you follow with a moisturiser that soon goes and leaves your skin feeling comfortable and hydrated. This range is quite highly fragranced so for those with fragrance phobia this is not for you, it also notes Alcohol Denat as one of the first 10 ingredients. I normally try to avoid anything containing too much fragrance and the nasty denatured alcohols but I wanted to try this range and it actually did not aggravate my sensitive skin at all. Its SPF of 15, while relatively low, is a great addition to the rest of my skincare layers. The largest portion of ingredients in this Gel after water (as it is a water based gel) are slip agents, silicone's and the alcohol denat, then a chemical sunscreen Phenylbenzimidazole Sulfonic Acid, more slip agents, PH balancers and THEN your Hyaluronic acid and olive extract followed lastly by several fragrance ingredients. 
Overall opinion on this product is, it's ok, it's nothing groundbreaking and far from a "wow" product but if your skin lacks moisture and your bank account lacks pennies then perhaps it's worth a try. If i had the option I would sooner reach for something like Hydraluron if it's around the same price range in your country as it packs more of a hydrating punch, doesn;t contain the nasty fragrances or alcohol and the Hydro Boost Gel offers nothing more beneficial ingredients-wise in my opinion. I have combination skin so I find that the amount of moisture these products provide is sufficient for me but fear a dry skin sufferer will not get enough from the Hydro Boost range.

I'll just say the night concentrate is much of a muchness also, same deal, lightweight water-based gel moisturiser but with the added negative of pot packaging, adding light contamination and a hygiene breach into the mix. Again the cream leaves a slightly tacky feeling after application but it seems to go away after a 30 minute-ish period and then just feels soft and looks nice and dewy. 

I will most probably finish up these products in all honesty as they don't seem to be doing me any harm, but exactly how much good they are doing is questionable. I just hate waste! At the end of the day they do seem to leave my skin feeling comfortable and hydrated but I do have to question how much of that is down to the hyaluronic acid and how much is down to lots of slippy, film forming ingredients. 

One word to sum up the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range?........MEH! 

Let me know if you have tried this range and what your thoughts were on it.

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