Saturday, 27 June 2015

GOSH 9 Shades to enjoy in New York Review

Hello Guys!

I have found, quite possibly, my absolute favourite budget friendly shadow palette. I picked up this little beaut in Superdrug a few weeks ago as the colours just appealed to me, I have green eyes so love to wear a nice purple on the lid. I was also looking to add some nice greys to my collection and this palette has a great one.

I didn't expect to be as obsessed with this as I have become and I really didn't expect the quality to be so good! The texture of these shadows is so buttery and they blend like a dream. The set has mostly satin finish but a couple of shimmers up top and a good medium toned brown for sculpting out those sockets.  My favourite shade has got to be the bright pinky purple second down on the right, it really packs a punch but can be sheared out too and is such a beautiful colour on green eyes but I imagine will be lovely on all eye colours really.

I've swatched below from top left, left to right on all levels.

The palette is priced at GBP 9.99 and there are three different colour collections in the range.

To Play With InVegas is a bright vivid colour collection, fab for the youngsters or for a festival but not for someone in their 30s who doesn't really like to step too far out of her comfort mascara is about as whacky as I will go. But those colours are seriously bright and I'd be interested to know how that translates on the skin.

To Have Fun With In LA is somewhere between the two, its got a couple of neutrals, some greens, purples and some vivids. I'm particularly obsessed with that peacock green, I'm yet to decide whether I'll be picking this one up.

I hope the texture is consistent throughout the range as these are such a great buy for the money if so. the packaging is sleek and includes a large mirror. There is no lip between the colour pans so you do get a little fallout and contamination but nothing a little blow won't sort out. If you haven't come across these in Superdrug yet I'd strongly recommend checking them out and I hope GOSH bring out some more shades. I'll certainly be checking out the rest of the GOSH shadows.

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Candle - Westcountry Collection in Lost Garden

Hi Guys!

So you may have noticed I have been MIA for the past 6 months. We uprooted from Australia to come back to the motherland and are now located in the South West of England in Devon. It has taken me this long to sort myself out, get myself a job, get settled etc and now I'm back in the blogging mood.

I was walking with my husband a few days ago and I said to him how much I had missed the smells of England and particularly that of Summer. This candle for me is Summer wrapped in a simple yet elegant package. I'm afraid I didn't get any shots of this candle when it was brand new, I wish I had as it was beautiful all dazzled with coloured crystals on top but I didn't expect to love it so much that it would make it's way onto the blog, when I bought it I was purely because i was feeling spendy and it smelt ok in the shop. The most devastating part of this story is that I can't remember where I purchased it and these guys seem to have no online presence at all. Waaaaaah!

The candle is named Lost Garden and is described as sun kissed mixed blooms misted with morning dew. Heaven!!

To me this candle translates as a warm woody scent with hints of rose and hot sun lotioned skin. For some reason it reminds me slightly of talcum powder but totally in a good way. If i could bottle this scent and wear it, man, I would wear it and I doubt I would ever stop.

I'm devastated I can't find this candle online anywhere for you. I'm pretty sure i purchased it in a little shop in Kingsbridge in South Devon, I will make it my life's mission to find it again and I will be buying them all! In the mean time if anyone knows where I can get more of this please let me know, and get one for yourself while you're at it.

You won't regret it.

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Chanel Cils Scintillants Mascara - Jazzy Blue

Hello summer, hello electric blue mascara. 

Now is the time to rock those vibrant colours you wish you could all year round. Chanel's new Jazzy Blue mascara from their Blue Collection is no shrinking violet, its bright, glittery and packs a punch of pigment even when applied over your regular black mascara, which is how I prefer to wear it. 
My lashes are extremely light so I can look quite squinty without that extra definition on the lash line. 

This mascara is summer on a stick in my opinion, it can be subtle enough to wear every day or those blessed with naturally defined lashes could really go full whack with this for that full on disco lash effect. 

My preferred method of application is over a regular black mascara for a subtle twinkle to the ends of my lashes and it really sparkles in the right light. I pair it with a neutral lid and a blotted coral lip and cheek for an effortless summer look. 

This Mascara is limited edition so get it quick if it tickles your fancy. 

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

Hi Guys!

I know, I know....she's a stunner! I am so in love with this blush palette it's unreal.
First of all let's look at the shades, from left to right we have Luminous Flush, a blue toned pink, my favourite of all three. Luminous Flush is extremely pigmented and rich, it has the stunning glow highlight that runs though all three but no sparkle or glitter at all. Be extremely sparing with this shade, it's easy to go overboard, I'd suggest using a dual fibre brush or really taking most of it off on your hand before applying to the face, build up slow.
In the middle we have Incandescent Electra, a warm coral with quite a white base, shimmer/glitter is detectable in this shade although it's slight. I think in the pan this shade looks most exciting but translates a little differently onto the skin, still a stunning blush but can come off slightly chalky if not blended well.
Lastly we have Mood Exposure, a purple/pink based bronzey shade with no shimmer/glitter, this shade can be used as blush or to give colour and structure all over the face (carefully).
All 3 blushes are rich and buttery with great colour payoff, they blend like a dream and give a radiant glow. I really can't fault this palette, the packaging is stunning, the blushes are encased in a bronze capsule style plastic pan with a large mirror inside and it has that satisfying "click" when closed. I haven't stopped reaching for it since I got it.

Have you got this palette? let me know your favourite shade.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wish List Wednesday - ZARA

Hi Guys!

I'm starting a new post series called Wish List Wednesday where every Wednesday (fingers crossed) I share my most coveted items from different shops or websites. I hope you enjoy! This week...Zara!! I am absolutely loving Zara at the moment so this was hard to refine. Links for each items are below.

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Winter Wooly Neutral Nails

Hi Guys!!

So sorry I have been MIA the last week or so, we are moving country and things can get a little hectic! Anyhoo I'm back with a Winter Wooly Neutral Nails post for you, here are my favourites I'll be sporting this season.

From left to right:

Essie Smokin Hot - A rich purple based grey
Rimmel Salon Pro in Chic and Cheerful - A Cool Toned Greige
O.P.I. Tickle My Francey - A warm Pinky Greige
Zoya Kendal - A Pastel Lilac
Essie Sand Tropez - A Milky Sand Colour
O.P.I. I Don't Give A Rotterdam - A Blue Grey With Silver Shimmer

Let me know your favourite winter neutrals!

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pop of Colour: Eye Makeup Look

Hi Guys

So it's sunday morning and my creative juices were flowing as I remembered my recent Kiko Cosmetics delivery. I thought I'd have a play with my favourite product from the bunch, Kiko Long Lasting Stick 8hr No-Transfer Eyeshadow (longest name ever!) in # 31, and create a fun but simple eye look for a night out, or in my case, a Sunday in. The Kiko Long Lasting Stick in 31 is a stunning cornflour blue with electric pink undertones that show through when the light hits it. Its such an unusual colour and I couldn't wait to try something out with it.

For base I used the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle to even out my skin tone and give myself a little colour, I took that over the face and down the neck.
To cover any redness (I have a rudolph nose) I mixed a little of the This Works Skin Miracle and some Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage on the back of my hand and used a large flat concealer brush to apply to areas that needed it.
I then used the Rimmel Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint in 004 Sunkissed cherry for blush, blending that over the apples of my cheeks and up onto the temple a little to create some shape. For under the Eye I used the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. I then set the undereye with the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

I then moved onto the eye makeup. I started with the Kiko Long Lasting Stick and a pencil brush, coating the brush with the cream shadow stick I then applied it to the inner corner of the eye and out to the bottom lash line going about a third of the way across.
I then applied Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner to the top lash line all the way across finishing at the end of the lashes, no wing.
I then took the Kiko Cream Stick again and created a wing, continuing on from the Eyeko Liner, starting about a third of the way in from the outer corner. Be careful not to apply the Kiko Stick over the black liquid liner, you want to start it right on the line so the two join but do not overlap.
I then took the Eye of Horus  Goddess Smokey Eye Pencil in Black and tight lined the upper lash line and filled in the bare skin on the lower lash line, smudging out so it's not a sharp line. I also took a little onto the corresponding section of the water line and smudged with my finger to blend. I finished the look with lashings of Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara and coated the outer corner lashes with Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara for extra definition. You could apply false lashes to this look for extra wow factor, I'd recommend some half lash strips on the outer corner or some individual lashes applied only to the outer corner of the eye to keep that feline flick and elongated eye look.

I hope you like the look and let me know if you think you will have a go at recreating it! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram and send me pictures if you do!

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Gem x